Perdita Boardman

She was born in Kansas, raise just outside of Detroit,MI, went to school in Chicago,IL, and has lived in New York since the late 50s.  She was a commercial artist during her working years (she stopped working fulltime around 1970 or so to be a fulltime mom).  She is a long time Science Fiction/Fantasy Fan (early 1950s - present), is an honorary Lunarian (New York Science Fiction Club) for her long commitment to the club.  She also was a very active member of the Society for Creative Anachronism(SCA) helping bring it to the East coast back in the late 60s.

Perdita was actually a family name, I believe she was named after an aunt.  She was called Peggy most of her childhood, and could NOT stand it.  She loves her name.  We pronounce it closer to the Spanish way of it being said PERDETA(meaning "lost lady").